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What’s the best fabric for conservatory blinds?

Choosing the right fabric for your conservatory blinds can make a huge difference to the appearance, comfort and how you use your conservatory throughout the year.

The three most popular styles of blinds for conservatories are Vertical Blinds, Roller Blinds and Pleated Blinds.

All three styles of blinds are available in 3 types, Standard, Reflective Backed and Blackout.

Standard Fabrics: If you would like to keep your light and bright then the standard fabric is a great choice. There are hundreds of designs and textures to choose from. The standard fabrics will do an ok job when it comes to heat retention in the winter and reducing the heat in the summer.

Reflective Backed Fabrics: In my opinion these fabrics are by far the best for your conservatory blinds. It will make the conservatory a little darker than the standard fabrics but will make a big difference in how hot your conservatory will get in the summer. The range of fabrics is not so extensive but there is still a good selection.

Blackout Fabrics: In my opinion blackout fabrics are not the right fabric for your conservatory blinds, unless you are also having blinds for the roof. The blackout effect will be lost with the amount of light that will come through the roof, so the fact you will be paying a premium for blackout fabrics and will not get the full benefits.

The picture below shows the 3 different fabrics and how much light you can expect.

Standard fabric on the left, Reflective fabric in the middle and Blackout on the right.

The colour you choose for your conservatory blinds will also make a difference to how hot your conservatory will get in the summer. (The lighter the colour, the cooler the room)

Another added benefit that comes with all of the fabrics is that it will prevent your flooring and furniture fading.

Choosing the right fabrics for your conservatory blinds will give you a room you can use all year round.