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What are Cordless Blinds?

What are cordless blinds? is a question we get asked more and more.

Cordless blinds are blinds that have been designed to be operated without the use of freehanging cords or chains.

Cordless Blinds have been designed for 2 main reasons, firstly that minimalist look with no unsightly cords hanging in your windows and the second reason is Child Safety. If there are no cords then your blinds are totally child safe.

As a result of the improvements in window blind safety there a more and more blinds being made that are cordless.

These improvements have meant there is now a wide variety of cordless blinds available in a number of different styles.

The more traditional blinds like Roller Blinds and Vertical Blinds now have a cordless option.

Vertical Blinds are operated by a rod, very simple to use. Just twist the rod to open and close the louvres and simply slide the rod sideways to move the blind across the windows.

Remote Controlled

An alternative to the wand operation for your vertical blinds is remote control. The Vertical rails are mains powered so we would need a plug socket somewhere near the blind and then you could operate your blind from the comfort of your sofa.

The cordless option for Roller blinds is remote control. Don’t panic it is not as costly as you think. To control a blind from the comfort of your chair or bed is only £99. With the one touch system there is no need to run power cables to the window or having battery packs, they simply charge in the same way as your mobile phones.

Another very popular blind style are Venetian Blinds and these can also be made cordless.

Luxaflex Literise venetians are cordless and are operated by a tab on the bottom rail.

Raise the tab up and the blinds tilt open, continue pushing the tab up and the blind continues to move up to your preferred position.

Venetian blinds can also be operated by remote control by using their powerview system.

Another cordless blind option for your venetian blinds are the INTUs.

These blinds fit neatly into the glazing of your windows so there are no needs for drilling or using screws.

INTU Blinds are also available as a Pleated or a Duette blind, so if you prefer the fabric look rather than the aluminium venetians this is also a fantastic cordless option.

Pleated and Duette blinds are also available as a literise option that operate the same ways as the venetian blinds.

Simply raise and lower using the tab on the bottom rail.